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    I don't really want to know...

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  • Healing Emotional Fear


    Solving for stress

    If we’re hungry, the obvious solution is to eat something.

    If we’re restless, it pays to get up and walk around.

    Is stress different?

    Along the way, it seems as though we got confused about the best way to deal with the stress that comes from work and from the projects we work on.

    “Push through the stress and on the other side, everything will be okay.”

    Simply get all the details right, get an A, get into a famous college, make the sale, polish the logo, do the pitch and then… reassurance will follow.

    The reassurance of success or even survival. The reassurance of external acclaim or simply relief.

    Now that everything’s okay, no need to be stressed!

    Until the next time. Which might be tomorrow.

    Reassurance is futile, because there’s never enough of it.

    Some folks manage to get their projects done without this sort of stress. They’re not using the search for reassurance as fuel.

    The solution to stress isn’t reassurance. It’s accurately understanding the world as it is, and making choices about what we do and how we do it. But far more than that, we relieve stress by making choices about the stories we tell ourselves.

    What’s the difference between giving a speech to your dog and giving one on the TED stage? It’s the same speech. The difference is in the story we tell ourselves about the stakes, the opportunity and what might happen next. If that story gets debilitating enough, it can paralyze us.

    If you’re on a backpacking trip, there’s little doubt that ten more minutes of tired to get to the next campsite is a smart investment. A little more tired translates into a lot more rest.

    But if you’re at work, there’s not a lot of evidence that more stress is the best way to have less stress.

    Look for the story instead.


    From my research, anxiety (written like this, and not 'enxiety' or 'anxiaty') is a 20-30-40% unconscious fear ongoingly experience in the body. Anxiety creates a 'pingpong' sensation in the nervous system, that exhaust all 5 bodies, and can create long term illnesses at the physical body level.

    Many people who have anxiety think it is normal, that this what the experience of being alive feel.

    Therefore anxiety needs both Emotional Healing Processes (old decisions, memes, re-wiring fear, etc...) and practices to have the experience of being alive without that ongoing sensation.

    The main practice I give to people who have anxiety is to start with 3/3/3 Anger to create a safe space to heal the fear. Then about 1 and 1/2 month in the practice of 3/3/3 Anger, add right after the Anger 3/3/3 Fear. The practice during the 3/3/3 Fear is to go as intense Fear as possible, and then to come down all the way to 0% fear. Most people with anxiety in the beginning cannot go all the way down to zero. Hance, the practice.

    Obviously, Rage Club and Fear Club are highly recommended.

  • Without Conscious Fear, Love Is Dead

    From your Possibility Management Trainer Katharina Kaifler.

  • Conscious Fear is a Source For Non Linearity. Conscious Fear is a source of Creation, attentiveness and precision. Noticing, scanning.


    Conscious fear is noticing that somebody understands what you said so you can stop repeating yourself.


    Conscious fear is knowing how much honey to put in your tea so its enough.


    Conscious Fear is checking the price of the ticket you might buy.


    Conscious Fear is looking into the unknown, the dark places where new possibility might show up. Looking where there is no answer.

  • Experiments For Developing Your Conscious Fear

    Read And Practice Touching The Jaguar by John Perkins

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.01

    The book we are talking about is THIS ONE.


    It turns out to be so valuable to read and experiment with a book like this in your Study Group, your Research Team, your 3Cell, even your Whole Permaculture Team.


    When you (and your Team) have read this book, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.01 in your free account(s) at StartOver.xyz.


    This experiment is worth 3 Matrix Points.

    Be Scared All the Time

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.02

    Being scared all the time means jacking into an incredible resource and intelligence for navigating even seemingly trivial dimensions of relationship and life, with others and ourselves.


    To build the ability to have access to this resource all the time, since in Modern Culture our Five Body System has been trained to ignore it, this experiment builds the muscle.


    Starting with 20 seconds to one minute, 5 times each day, for the next week, put part of your attention onto noticing:

    What am I afraid about RIGHT NOW? 


    You can work up to noticing a hundred times a day, ongoingly.


    For example, when I am doing the dishes, I might notice:

    I am afraid that my soapy hand I will let the dish go and it will break; I feel scared that if I turn the tap and the water gets too hot it might burn my hand; I am noticing I feel scared about taking too long doing the dishes, and missing my next appointment.


    At least once a day for the week, write for at least 10 minutes in your Beep! Book about what you have been noticing.


    After doing this for a week, and writing about it daily in your BEEP! Book, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.02 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.


    Speak Your Fear

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.03

    Memorize the sentence, "I feel sacred because..."


    For the next week, seven times a day, tell someone, "I feel scared because..."


    Lower your Numbness Bar so you can notice your fear.


    I feel scared because...


    ...the phone call I am expecting might come and my hands are covered in peanut butter;

    ...my neighbour asked me to shovel her sidewalk and I said no;

    ...the pesticides they spray on vegetables is toxic and gets into the waterways....



    When the week is over, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.03 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Noticing Your Fear Numbness in Your 5 Bodies

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.04

    In your Beep! Book, at the top of a fresh page, write "How I Avoid Feeling Fear in My Physical Body."


    Then head a fresh page for each of your Bodies: Emotional, Energetic, Intellectual, Archetypal.


    For each Body, list the ways that you numb your fear, and avoid being fearful.


    For example,

    I avoid feeling fear in my Physical body by tightening up my shoulders.

    I avoid feeling fear in my Emotional body by looking away from people who scare me.

    I avoid feeling fear in my Energetic body by leaving messes in my house, because cleaning them would increase the quality of the space.

    I avoid feeling fear in my Archetypal body by saying no to impulses.


    For the next week, keep noticing, and keep adding to each of the pages.


    After a week, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.04 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Lower Your Fear Numbness Bar

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.05

    For 3 days, 11 times a day, touch an object and say out loud three ways you are afraid about this object.


    For example, beside me is my Beep! Book.


    When I touched it I said

    1. I feel scared about how sometimes I forget to write important things from my experiments in my Beep! Book.

    2. I feel scared about how sometimes I don't have my Beep! Book handy when I want to write in it, and that I forget what I wanted to write about in it later.

    3. I feel scared about how I waste time sometimes, trying to find something I have written about in my old Beep! Books.


    After doing this 11 times a day for three days, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.05 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Radical Honesty With Fear

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.06

    To do this experiment you will need to speak with three different people, one at a time. Do this either on your own or in a Possibility Team.


    Ask the person if they will take notes while you speak out your fears about them for five minutes.


    When a person says yes, you can give them your Beep! Book, or a notepad and pen, and set a timer.


    Say, I feel scared about you, because... and speak until the timer goes off.


    The other person just listens and takes notes. This is a journey of Radical Honesty and discovery. This is not an opportunity for revenge. You are making your fear conscious.


    When you have done this with 3 people, compare the notes from each person. What fears are the same? What fears are different with each person? Notice the patterns.


    When you have done this, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.06 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Carry Around a Scary Object

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.07

    This experiment begins with becoming committed to being an experimenter.


    For two days, bring an object, like a broken light bulb or a jagged stone, a screw driver or a really bad looking carrot.


    Carry it in public in your hand.


    Be afraid of your scary object by making up a story about why you are afraid of it.


    Tell your story to other people, for example:

    I am afraid of this rotten carrot because I thought it would get moldy and stain my hands.

    I am afraid of this broken light bulb because I think people will think I am crazy to be carrying such a sharp thing around.

    I am afraid of this jagged stone because it might cut into my hands.


    When you have done this for two days, write in your Beep! Book for at least 10 minutes about how this went, then enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.07 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Carry Around a Raw Egg

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.08

    Do this experiment for one full day, noticing what percentage fear you have about it in each moment.


    For example, I have 44 % fear that my egg might break because there are kids around and they don't care about my egg.


    I have 57% fear because my egg might roll off my desk and fall and break and it jumped up to 87% when someone came in the room who might bump my desk or ask me what I am doing with an egg on my desk.


    (If anyone asks, let them know you have become an Experimenter).


    When you have done this, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.08 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Move Toward Your Fear

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.09

    For the next week, 3-5 times a day, when you are in a room, stand or sit or lay in the place in the room, then move ten centimeters in whatever direction makes you feel less safe, where you feel the most fear.


    When you have done this 3-5 times a day for a week, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.09 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    The Consequences of Not Using Fear

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.10

    Consider the consequences of all the times you did not use your fear.


    For at least 30 minutes in your Beep! Book, write about things that happened in your life as a consequence of not using your fear.


    When you didn't use your fear going into a relationship.

    When you didn't use your fear about spending too much on something.

    When you didn't use your fear about making a clear agreement.

    When you didn't use your fear to change your mind.


    At least twice more in the next three days, write for another 30 minutes about this.


    After four days, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.10 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.



    Notice Your Patterns of Fear

    Matrix Code CONSFEAR.11

    Share your notes from the previous 4 experiments with your 3Cell, or your Possibility Team, or with at least 3 other people.


    Ask the team to help you notice the patterns of your fear.


    Then write at least a page in your Beep! Book titled, "My Fear Patterns."


    When you have done this, enter Matrix Code CONSFEAR.11 in your free account at StartOver.xyz.


    This Experiment is worth 1 Matrix Point.


    For a bonus Matrix Point, choose one of these patterns and ask a Possibility Coach for an Emotional Healing Process about it.

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